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First Prize

And Your Point Is?

Maureen Ginipro



This collage incorporates a variety of colors, patterns created by shredded print materials, and shapes, which adds visual interest and makes the artwork engaging. The use of diverse materials provides a rich texture to the work, enhancing its tactile appeal and visual complexity. Ginipro’s well-crafted collage demonstrates artistic vision, skillful manipulation of materials, and the ability to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.


Second Prize

Giraffe Crab

Connie Blachut

Bead Embroidery

Beaded embroidery is a meticulous and beautiful form of art.  The beads add a textured, three-dimensional quality to the piece, making this creature, the crab, appear more lifelike and dynamic. The artist has selected striking and nuanced color in this work and differing beads carefully chosen and placed to mimic natural textures. Overall, beaded embroidery as art is a labor-intensive but rewarding medium that this artist demonstrates her versatility with.


Third Prize

Green Goddess

Pamela Conrad


Using pastel drawing on colored paper can streamline the artistic process and offer a fresh perspective on traditional pastel techniques. It encourages a focus on form, contrast, and detail while adding an extra layer of visual complexity to the final artwork.  The exquisite blue of this paper establishes a base color for the composition and allows the artist to focus on adding highlights, shadows, and details with the pastels, rather than starting from a blank, white surface.



First Prize

Purple Zippered Gourd

Nancy Gray Griffin

Mixed Media

This piece is a distinctive and imaginative work that combines natural materials with creative embellishments and themes. This sparks our curiosity and invites viewers to explore the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The purple interior against the natural tones of the gourd and the zipper creates an intriguing contrast. Griffin’s combination of the natural gourd with a zipper introduces an element of surrealism, suggesting an opening into the unexpected or fantastical


Second Prize


Lynn Ondercin

Chlorite Sculpture

Chlorite sculpture is a unique and expressive art form that showcases the natural beauty of the material and the skill of the sculptor. The medium's softness and workability make it an excellent choice for detailed and intricate designs. The artist has used the softness of this medium to create an abstract form that recalls a natural form in the viewer’s mind. The softness of the lines in this sculpture emphasis the movement of the piece.


Third Prize

Moss Agate Bubbles

Martha Heukensfeld


This artistic piece of jewelry combines the natural beauty of the stone with a creative and imaginative setting. The agate has been cut precisely into a round shape and polished to a smooth finish that enhances our ability to see into the layers of the mineral. The setting for the stone, with it’s metallic “bubbles” creates a balanced and intriguing design which is put into sharp focus by the choice of a delicate chain to hold the piece.

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