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Art Council Biennial Exhibits

The Art Council of Southwest Florida organizes two major exhibits for the artists who are members of the Council's affiliate arts organizations.

Winner's Circle Show
Special Exhibits

During odd-numbered years, the Art Council of Southwest Florida holds the Winner's Circle Show.  This is an especially exciting show because every work of art exhibited has won a top prize in one of the exhibits of the Council's member organizations during the previous two-year period.  Thus, the prize-winners of this show represent the best of the best artwork produced by the Art Council's member artists.

In 2023, the show was held at the Norris Center in Naples during normal business hours from June 3rd to July 28th with an opening reception from 5 to 7 on June 3rd.

Spring Art Show

During even-numbered years, the Art Council of Southwest Florida holds the Spring Art Show. 

In 2024, the Spring Art Show will be held at the COCO Art Gallery in Estero, Florida.  Stop by and view the Spring Show entries from 11:00 - 5:00 PM daily from May 10 - June 8.  While the show is in progress, you may also view the show on the Shop Our Gallery Page from the COCO Gallery website.  

Second Prize

Giraffe Crab

Connie Blachut

Bead Embroidery

Beaded embroidery is a meticulous and beautiful form of art.  The beads add a textured, three-dimensional quality to the piece, making this creature, the crab, appear more lifelike and dynamic. The artist has selected striking and nuanced color in this work and differing beads carefully chosen and placed to mimic natural textures. Overall, beaded embroidery as art is a labor-intensive but rewarding medium that this artist demonstrates her versatility with.

Third Prize

Green Goddess

Pamela Conrad


Using pastel drawing on colored paper can streamline the artistic process and offer a fresh perspective on traditional pastel techniques. It encourages a focus on form, contrast, and detail while adding an extra layer of visual complexity to the final artwork.  The exquisite blue of this paper establishes a base color for the composition and allows the artist to focus on adding highlights, shadows, and details with the pastels, rather than starting from a blank, white surface.

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